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Who are we?

For over 30 years Joalpe International has been supplying shop fitting equipment to the retail industry. The company supplies a full range of products covering areas such as shopping baskets, shelf dividers, shop fitting systems and leaflet displays.

Joalpe has world-wide distribution through exports to more than 36 countries and its own distribution though branches in Portugal, U.K, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, USA, Belgium and Holland. This network of outlets gives the company access to retailers across the world and allows Joalpe to quickly identify and respond to international trends.

Joalpe Head Office

Our Services

Product Development

A good product often starts with a good idea. In consultation with our clients we put our innovative ideas into 3D designs and prototypes.


We develop innovative solutions and use modern technology to manufacture high quality and cost effective products ensuring successful P.O.S. presentation


We can take the logistics issue out of your hands and ensure that products are delivered to you in the distribution centre or at branch level.


Our large 19,000 sq ft warehouse allows us to hold stock of our most popular lines allowing us to meet our clients’ requirements promptly.