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Is mobile going to be more disruptive than online to retail?

Mobile technology is apparently going to cause a seismic shift in retail, more so than online did, according to industry experts at Facebook.

Mobile is already causing waves in retail, and is changing buying habits, research and much much more. Because of the ease of access to information, price comparison sites and more and more users on mobile, not only do retailers need to think about their digital appearance (and their shop appearance), but also how quickly things work and their uptake on major trends and fashions.

In a conference speech, a spokesperson from Facebook said: “Change is being driven by technology, and at the heart of that is mobile. These companies [successful retailers] lean into change, they get comfortable from being uncomfortable.

People also spend more and more time on their mobile, with many continuing to look at their phones whilst in the store, rather than looking around the store itself. This is due to price comparison and social media involvement.

The rise of personalised related shopping items has also seen a new growth market of those buying things without ever looking for them, instead being presented and this is happening more and more through mobiles (apps, social media and adverts).

That said, people are still in shops and there is still a huge demand on retailers to bring you in to stores and get you spending. The rise of smaller items at the checkout, checkout position and much more are still vitally important, and these will continue. You can see our creative design ideas in our blog here. The difference is how you combine mobile with it as well.

If you are a shop owner that is looking to capitalise on footfall to get more sales, speak to our retail solutions department to create high-quality ideas and plans to help your business grow.

October 24, 2018|Uncategorized|

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