How to appeal to customers to get them to buy in your store

The retail sector is highly competitive and as such it is important to ensure that you make it as easy as possible for customers to buy once they are in your store. There are plenty of things you can incorporate into store design to help customers stay longer and spend more:

  1. Entrance area

When a customer first enters a shop, especially if it is for the first time, they will be making many judgements about the store. These include the quality of the products, the pricing and the atmosphere. In this entrance space it is therefore important that products are presented attractively and that there are co-ordinated displays as well as welcoming lighting and colours.

  1. Pathways

Generally the longer a consumer spends in a store, the more they will spend. By purposefully designing pathways to certain stock, this can increase the amount of time people spend in the shop and all increase the amount of impulse buys. As an example, think about where bread is often placed in a supermarket and how many aisles need to be navigated to get to it.

  1. Till area

The area where customers queue to pay is a great place for strategically displaying items which are in high demand. As customers waits they are more likely to make impulse buys of such products if they can clearly see and access them. Clothing stores often place items like socks or hair bands near the tills to great effect.

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