Can’t find what you are looking for – maybe bespoke is the option

As well as providing and manufacturing standard sizes plastic baskets and retail solutions, Joalpe offers a bespoke retail solution service, helping our clients get the product they are looking for, tailored for their own store and situation.

This can include manufacturing plastic baskets in a different shape and size or combining components of other products and ideas to provide you with something that not only works for your company, but will also allows your customers to have a better shopping experience.

Furthermore, we have experience in helping to design point of sale items and products that can help you better showcase your products.

Some of our more bespoke items are shown in our brochure so you can get a real idea of what we mean.

If you are looking for something custom-made for your business and would like to speak to one of our design team about your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form or calling us on +44 01924 468940 . If you think you may know what the product is but can’t seem to find it on our website, have a look through our brochure at and see our full suite of products.

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