Consumer trends for 2019

At Joalpe, we have been helping business owners get more sales in store with our range of  retail equipment, such as plastic shopping baskets and slatwell solutions.

However, any business still needs to develop with the times and a study of the retail trends for 2019 has thrown up a number of changes any retailer needs to stay abreast of. Below, we look at some of the consumer trends for 2019.

2018 saw the death of more traditional retail, with high-street brands like House of Fraser and Mothercare becoming victims of the change in consumer habits. Dubbed the ‘retail apocalypse’, this evolution has signalled the death knell of ‘traditional retail’ and brought to bear a new narrative; one in which consumers are more adventurous,  more concerned about ethical practices and increasingly less accepting of ‘transactional’ shopping experiences.

So one thing that has become apparent is that retailers are now more adventurous and this will be the undertone of retail in 2019, regardless of what people are looking for; food, holidays or gadgets.

The food industry is expected to see many new crazes and fads as people become more and more aware of what their impact on the environment and animals is causing. Furthermore, it is anticipated that more focus will be places by consumers on the ethical standards of brands and how they are perceived in the market place, especially when dealing with social, economical and political standpoints.

A second expected change is that social media will play even more of a role in influencing the buying habits of consumers. With more and more emphasis from brands on this aspect of their marketing, this route to consumers will continually evolve. For consumers who want to connect directly with brands, it means an increasing transition away from traditional shopping comfort zones.

There are also many other things which are causing a shift such as more and more online only brands, the convenience element of shopping and ore people becoming aware that shopping online is more secure. All these tied together means the retail outlet is and will continue to change.

However, there is still a market for physical shops and making sure your products are on show in the best possible way to meet the demands of customers is vitally important. This is where Joalpe can help. Our retail solutions and our bespoke options can help you maximise sales and make it as easy as possible for your clientele. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.

February 19, 2019|News|

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