The cost of a bad retail experience

Everyone knows that excellent customer service is key in the retail industry. With high quality service, comes a higher likelihood of sales as well brand loyalty and positive word of mouth for the company or store. Conversely, a bad retail experience can have many negative effects on business:

  1. Loss of customers

A poor retail experience, such as a long wait in a queue to pay for goods or an encounter with unhelpful staff can mean that customers choose to take their business elsewhere. This is particularly true in the retail sector where there are plenty of alternative shops for consumers to use.

  1. Poor reputation

Au unsatisfactory experience can also lead to a decline in reputation. With social media, poor experiences can quickly be shared online and seen by many. The effect of this is two-fold. Firstly, it can tarnish the reputation of the brand. Secondly, the exposure may put off existing customers from shopping there again, as well as deterring new consumers from visiting the store in question.

  1. Decline in overall business

A combination of a reduction in customer base size as well as low brand loyalty and poor standing can easily result in a declining number of sales. With customers shopping elsewhere this can mean a loss of revenue meaning that action will need to be taken. This could including marketing campaigns to try and improve brand image, however these will also require money to run, adding further to costs and detracting from overall profit. This shows how important it is to get customer service right from the offset.

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