Are you displaying your golf clubs correctly instore?

When it comes to displaying golf clubs in you golf shop or store, there are many ways you can do it. Some pro shop managers like to present the clubs in the bags themselves, others have them lined up in CLUBRAX (by Joalpe), whilst others just have rows and rows of clubs sitting on the floor ready for you to try before you buy.

However, to get more sales of your golf clubs, you need to present them properly and this is where Joalpe can help.

CLUBRAX is an exclusive system for the in-store display of golf clubs in a retail environment. It can be used in pro shops, sports equipment stockists and any retailers of golf equipment. The system works by fitting easily into a Slatwall system and thus allows for maximum display of the products; the club head – woods, irons and putters – to be displayed for easy inspection by customers.

Technical information

The system comes in two parts: a base unit and an upper unit. The base unit is positioned at the ground level and consists of slots for each of the grips to be inserted ensuring that the clubs remain in the correct position on the ground. The upper unit is fixed to the wall and is a rack of individual slots for each club to be inserted.

Why it works for sales

The system has been specially developed to ensure that the key part of the club – the head – is at the appropriate height for customers to view each club without the need for moving down to floor level. Once inserted gravity will ensure that the clubs will naturally fall into a neat position, with all clubs facing the same direction. Any club can be removed and inspected closely by customers. This makes it much easier for a golfer to come and look at all the available options and then make an informed choice quickly about what club or clubs will be best for them.

If you would like to sell more golf clubs and would like to speak to us about our CLUBRAX system, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.

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