The importance of product placement in retail

Whilst customers may pay little attention to where products are placed within a store, the management team certainly will have done. The layout of the store as well as the placement of the products themselves is an exact science and when carried out correctly can boost sales enormously.

Ever wondered why staple items such as bread and milk are not placed near the entrance to the store given they are popular items that most people buy? These kinds of food are known as ‘destination items’, things that people specifically want to purchase. By strategically placing these towards the back of a shop, the consumer first has to navigate their way past other aisles, where they are exposed to offers and also become prone to impulse buys. This increases the amount of time spent in the store and the likelihood of them buying more goods than they initially intended to.

Other tactics which can help increase sales include making sure there is enough room for trolleys to go up and down the aisle in both directions so that shoppers can go back for missed items easily. Items at eyelevel tend to sell more so putting goods with high profit margins within this line of vision is common practice, as is placing less profitable items lower down. Uncluttered shelving is also more visually appealing to shoppers, so rather than try to cram too much on shelves, it is best to make sure than are not jam-packed so that they are not overwhelming.

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