Three ways to increase retail sales using shopping baskets

Customers juggling their grocery items is a common sight in supermarkets throughout the country. Whilst many people pop in for just one or two things they can end up picking up more – either as a result of being lured in by special offers or remembering they need extra items as they move through the store.

Additional impulse purchases are great news for a retailer, so it’s important that you cater for customers when this occurs. The simplest way to capitalise on this and increase sales is with the use of shopping baskets, which remove the need for balancing items and encourage people to add more items to their shop.

To do this, first of all make sure that the baskets you provide customers with are highly visible and in a prominent place. Whilst many managers insist on baskets being right in the entrance, people often walk straight by these, so positioning them a little way inside the shop can be beneficial. It’s also important to have more than one point to collect baskets from. Customers often need a basket mid-way through their shop as they pick up additional items unexpectedly. Strategically placing baskets around the store can therefore be helpful too and means they are likely to fill it further as they continue browsing. Finally, training staff to offer baskets to customers who are visibly struggling to carry several different items is also beneficial and will encourage customers to spend more.

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