Top ways to display your products in your store

No matter how good your products are, they need to be seen by customers in your store in order for them to be purchased. Indeed the way that stores are laid out and items displayed can have a massive impact on the value and volume of sales. Here are some top ways to display products in your store in order to increase revenue:

  1. Right turn space should be used effectively

More often than not, customers turn right when they enter a shop. It is therefore important to use this space wisely by displaying high consumable, high margin products in this space.

  1. Put highly consumable items away from the entrance

Put everyday items such as bread or milk towards the back of the shop. This means that customers will have to walk past other products to get to them – which may result in impulse buys of items along the way.

  1. Place high margin goods in passable places

To encourage customers to buy goods they had not originally come into the store for, place these in areas they will have to pass by. For example on aisles on the way to the rear of the store where they are likely to be heading for cupboard staples.

  1. Arrange products in groups or themes

Put similar types of product on the same shelf or aisle to allow customers to compare the different options available as well as maintain consistency.

Joalpe has been supplying the retail sector with high-quality shopfitting systems for over 30 years. We provide a wide range of innovative display systems, such as dump bins, for regular stock as well as promotional items. For further information about any of our equipment or ideas for ways of displaying goods please get in touch with us on +44 01924 468940 .

July 18, 2018|News|

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