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Why is product placement important in your store?

When it comes to getting sales on your most popular or profitable products, the position within the store is crucial, and that is why Joalpe has been helping businesses all over the world with their retail solutions to maximise product position.

However, how do you know you are doing it right and is it all it is cracked up to be?

Well, let’s start with your average trip to the supermarket. Items such as milk, bread, meats etc (the destination items) are usually towards the back of the store, so you have to go past everything else before you get there, potentially buying things not on your list or you do not need (to the advantage of the retailer). When you get to the queue, you often find smaller items (impulse) just by the side (socks in a retail outlet, gum or sweets in a supermarket), hoping to etch out a little bit more money from every single consumer.

However, it is not just your position within the grand store that is important, but also where you are on the shelf, are you at eye level, high up or down below, and your position in relation to other products. Items that are close to some of the destination items are often purchased in conjunction or more, because people spend more time around those areas. Items on the end of an aisle are also sought after as people assume there may be offers or notice them as they go up and down the store. Given that many people pop in to a store at convenience more-so-than-ever smaller £1 or less items can sell effectively if they are positioned correctly.

Speed Bump displays, the ones you see when you first go in to the store are highly effective at making sure almost every customer sees the product. If you can get yourself on one of these promotions, or if you run the store and want people to buy particular items more often, placing them here is a good way to do it.

If you would like assistance with retail solutions, such as product position or even display cabinets, plastic baskets and shelfing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Joalpe today. Our bespoke retail solutions offers the perfect opportunity for you to crafty your store in the best way possible for your clients and help you make more sales.

February 26, 2019|News|

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