What makes JOALPE International special? Us!


Our Team

We’re proud of our team. Our UK operation is a tight-knit team of dedicated workers who always ensure that the customer comes first. The UK team is backed up by our manufacturing and associated teams in Joalpe sister companies. We work closely to ensure that our customers get the newest innovations from all across Europe.

Corporate Video

Want to see what Joalpe is all about? Click on this video and you’ll see what makes Joalpe tick – how we work, how we manufacture and distribute and how we keep our clients happy! Keep an eye on our website – there’s more to come!

Our Story


The Journey Begins!

The JOALPE UK journey began when the boss, Ian, had a chance meeting with Henk (owner of JOALPE International BY, Netherlands). Henk was so passionate about the business that Ian just couldn't resist bringingJoalpe to the UK ....

We were very small to start with!

He started out in a cardboard-box-sized office in Horbury bridge, with just a phone, the Yellow Pages ... and a full head of hair!

Things were S L O W

It was slow at first ...

People were starting to talk!

. . . but people started to like what Joalpe did. People talked to other people. And BOOM! Business started coming in. (Yay!)

Ian needed another pair of hands. And along came our first employee!


The business was growing

The business outgrew the cardboard-box-sized office, so we moved... Hello, Church Street in Ossett! A fabulously run-down, old mill in a scrap yard (proper Yorkshire!).

It’s all about team work!

For the next 5 years, Joalpe kept growing at a rate of I new member of staff a year and too many baskets to count! Things were really taking off!

We were getting BIGGER

Biggerteam + Bigger clients = needed more space =


We’re on the move!

Hello, Mill No. 2! uh-oh! dodgy roof! flood alert!

We prayed for good weather!

We loved our totally trendy new home at lngs Mill - even if it was NOT totally watertight!

Happy Days!

The business was still grow i n g, orders kept coming in, more large companies were working with us, we were making a name for ourselves. Happy days.


Hello Flagship Square!

Our team grew to 13! And guess what? Time to move AGAIN! Hello, Flagship Square! Hello, fit for purpose warehouse and offices at last! Containers full of our amazing products from Europe and the Far East were coming in on a weekly/daily basis.

Mr Brook

And here, we've all worked happily-ever-after- doing our Joalpe thing and making retailers happy too! Oh, and a special mention to Brook, Ian's Black Labrador, who clocks in every day (yes, really!). Everyone loves Brook and he loves pinching yoghurt pots from our bins! The place just wouldn't be the same without him!


It’s a marathon not a sprint!

Our 20 Year Anniversary! Wow! Ian's hair has gone but business is good!

We Design | We Create | We Produce | We Work Fast
We put the customer at the heart of everything we do
We love what we do

We don't just sell baskets!

We SPECIALISE in product design development, merchandising systems, trade marketing and brand activation.

Powered by our PASSION and know-how, we develop and provide INNOVATIVE in-store solutions from idea creation
to production and implementation that connect YOUR brand to customers on an efficient and emotional level.
When we create, all details are important: the visual, graphics, colours, lights, shape, materials efficiency and
space profitability are combined to express the IDENTITY and the PERSONALITY of your brand.

And we are NOT only creative!
We are CONCEPTUAL thinkers, we transform ideas into reality through investigation, strategy, innovation and design.
We are not limited by specific materials and production processes.
We design and specify the most appropriate material and manufacturing processes ensuring all products combine