How to use a dump bin to promote your products

Dump bins can be a useful tool when it comes to merchandising your products cheaply and effectively. But how can you use dump bins to promote your products? Read out guide for some of the best ways to get the most out of your promotional displays.

Customer interaction

If most of your products are displayed on shelving, a dump bin can add the extra customer interaction you need by standing out in the crowd. Using dump bins in your retail store is more likely to engage customers and encourage them to buy.


The portability of dump bins means they can be placed anywhere in your retail space and moved around as appropriate. Many styles such as the EASYBIN are collapsible for easy storage, ideal if you want to use dump buns for a specific or seasonal promotion.


Many retailers use dump bins to display promotional or discounted items, but this is not their only function. If you have products that are difficult to stack, or if you just want to showcase high stock level products, dump bins could help you sell more products.

Supporting your marketing campaigns

While some large brands may choose to have creative product displays made to merchandise their products every time they run a new campaign, dump bins allow stores and brands of all sizes to promote their products with the flexibility to insert marketing materials and signage which can be updated every time you have a new promotion.

Encourage impulse buys

Understanding your customers and where they’re likely to linger in your store gives you the added knowledge of where you can use dump bins to encourage extra sales. For example, many retailers choose to have dump bins near the till where queuing customers can see them easily and might pick up an extra product or two on impulse.

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