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The benefits of using plastic shopping baskets over wire baskets

Wherever you shop, most stores will have either wire or plastic shopping baskets. But which one is best for retailers to use in their stores? Our guide explores the benefits of using plastic shopping baskets over wire baskets.

Made of tougher stuff

While both materials are durable, plastic tends to be a bit stronger should your baskets take a tumble or come up against a hard substance.

Brand representation

It is possible to attach some sort of branding or logo to a wire basket, but these can easily fall off or be removed. This isn’t a problem with a plastic shopping basket as your logo can be printed on the plastic. It’s not just your brand identity that might suffer in this situation either- non-branded wire baskets are easier to steal.

Colours and sizes

Plastic shopping baskets generally offer more flexibility in terms of colour and style, allowing you to fully capture your branding through your choice of retail equipment.

Easy to clean

Shopping baskets can get dirty after multiple uses, and the grubby look is probably not what your store or your brand is looking for. Luckily though, plastic is easily washable and your baskets will soon look brand new again.

Joalpe supplies shopfitting equipment to the retail sector. With over 30 years of experience, we provide everything from shopping baskets to scanning rails. For further information about any of our equipment or ideas for displaying products, please get in touch with us on +44 01924 468940 .

September 5, 2018|Uncategorized|

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