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Checkout of the future tested in London

A checkout that scans every item in your shopping basket has been tested at a Shell Garage in London.

A supermarket checkout designed to scan entire shopping basket has been designed by IBM and is known as the “shop of the future”. It is said to be 15 times faster than standard self-service checkouts. This new system could get rid of the ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ alert which often infuriates many shoppers.

The same checkout could also render traditional barcodes obsolete as each shopping item has a tiny “radio frequency identification” chip embedded in it containing much more information.

Key to the new checkout is the fact that large items can be scanned at once rather than the individualised scanning at all supermarkets in the UK at the moment. It could also get rid of the problems some have by not wanting to take ages to pay for items so they don’t fill up their baskets

The customer first places their items on a scanning platform, which displays the full list on a screen. They open a smartphone app and tap the device on a reader to deduct payment from an account linked to a card app, such as Apple Pay or Android Pay, and are then emailed a receipt.

Safety and security have also been explored in the new checkout with IBM believing it will prevent shoplifting as the machine automatically “knows” the number and type of items being bought.

This checkout also comes after Amazon launched their first go store in Seattle which uses cameras around the store to see what customers have purchased.

If you would like to talk to Joalpe about retail solutions from baskets to scanning rails and magazine racks, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling our UK office on +44 01924 468940 .

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