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Being consistent in retail is essential

Over the past ten years, the retail industry has undergone a major shift, with the internet giants of Amazon and Ebay revolutionising the way people not only shop, but feel about shopping.

Online retailers have challenged and at times defeated store stoppers, but there is still a large market for stores to win custom and offer a greater user experience.

With customers now having a choice as to how they interact with retailers, both in store and online, the expectation of a seamless and integrated offering has arisen.

Most modern shoppers are very happy changing the way they make purchases depending on the item, from online and instore. Furthermore, purchases are made from the same retailer in both environments, with convivence and even the product the major differences.

What doesn’t change however is that the customer views their interaction with the retailer as one, no matter whether they are in store or online and will hold people accountable should they have a poor service on either channel.

This has thus made it more difficult for businesses, and retailers need to think about their online market positions, which may be very strong, with clear user experiences, alongside their retail in-store environment. Conversely, brands that have had a clear and logical approach to store purchases such as an Ikea, now need to make sure their offering online has the same flow and professionalism. Get the offerings right and you can maximise and enhance your brand; get it wrong and you have real issues.

What is clear however is that you need to offer the very best experience on both platforms and at Joalpe, we can help you with your instore retail solutions. From plastic baskets to shelf talkers and ticket edging we have the full range of essentials you need to make your customer experience better and make more sales.

If you are a store owner and would like to speak to one of our team, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today by calling us on +44 01924 468940


May 28, 2019|News|

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