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What can our J Bag be used for?

The J Bag, by Joalpe, is a multipurpose bag that can be used for a range of different things making it the ultimate purchase for you and your family. The J Bag has a capacity of 15 litres and is made of durable 3mm thick plastic. Below, our team have listed some of the many things it can be used for:

Beach Bag

Take your J Bag to the beach, this multi-purpose, fully sealed washable bag is ideal for transporting all your kit for a day by the sea and taking wet items home again.

Drinks Holder

Fill the bag with water and ice and then place beers or cold drinks in the bag to keep them cool outside this summer.

Gym Bag

Fed up of getting your gym bag wet when you go to the gym? Put your towels and change of clothes in the J bag and then easily transport them around

Wash Bag

Use the bag to safely store your shampoo, soaps and body wash in your shower. Because the bag is waterproof, you can leave it in the shower and make shower time easier, without having to reach out unsafely to get the next item

Cleaning tidy

Use the bag to keep your cleaning products in one tidy place either in a cupboard or under the sink. Never again will you wonder where the bleach is.

Shopping bag

Are you fed up of leaving plastic bags at home? Why not buy a J bag and take it with you when you shop. Not only does it double up as a basket, it is incredibly strong meaning your bag will not split.

There are many other ways you can use your J Bag too, showing that the J bag is really a multipurpose bag. If you are interested in purchasing a J Bag, you can at

September 14, 2018|News|

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