Creative retail display ideas

You have great marketing to spread the word about your business and great salespeople to explain the products, but how much thought have you given to your product displays? If you’re struggling for inspiration, we’ve put together a list of creative retail display ideas to get you started.

Appeal to lifestyle

When customers see a boring product display, chances are they’re going to think the product is boring too. If your retail store sells clothing, homeware, accessories or anything that can be related to your customer’s lifestyle, it’s worth it to put a bit of effort into your displays to make them appear as they would in the real world. Creating a bedroom scene to display your products, for example, helps your customer to visualise their life with those items and encourages them to purchase.

Let your products do the talking

If you can’t decide how best to showcase your products, why not make the product itself be part of the display? If your product can be shaped to form words or used visually in other ways, this can work well when combined with your use of promotional store displays. This is particularly effective if you have a message such as a sale or a seasonal promotion to communicate.

Make unique products into everyday displays

In clothing retail a mannequin is something you’d expect to find in store displaying the latest fashion, but you can create the unexpected by using this everyday display to work with a unique product. Nobody expects to see a mannequin outside of a fashion store, so there is some psychology behind this idea in that if you can display a niche product in a different way, it encourages thoughts about how else the product can be used. Accessories such as hats, scarves and umbrellas would make an excellent skirt for your mannequin, for example, or you could get creative with craft products if you work in a haberdashery or stationery store.

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