Environmental Credentials

Joalpe has re-affirmed its environmental credentials with the completion of the installation of LED lighting in its West Yorkshire-based warehouse.

With a considerably lower energy consumption, LED lighting is a far-more energy efficient method of lighting the warehouse than the previous energy-guzzling 250W bulbs.

In addition, sensors have been installed on much of the lighting, meaning that lights will only come on when they are needed.

The initial investment cost in the purchase and installation of this lighting will be covered in a relatively short period of time.

Joalpe is proud to have taken this step of minimising its carbon footprint and keeping energy costs to a minimum. Notably, Joalpe’s Portugal-based factory is 25% powered by on-site solar panels.

Joalpe continues to keep its aim of taking all reasonable steps to minimise its impact on the environment.

July 5, 2017|News|

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