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How to use shopping baskets to increase your in-store sales

When it comes to shopping, especially if you are a store owner, you want your customers to spend as much as possible in your store. However, there is only so much you can comfortably carry in your hands or put in a basket before it gets either too heavy or uncomfortable.

We have all been there when we walk into a store, with only one purchase in mind and don’t pick up a trolley or basket. As we go around, we find other things we desire and then we experience the awkward situation of carrying items uncomfortably or racing back to get a basket. Or in the worst-case scenario for the shop manager, not buying it at all.

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According to stats released, less than 10% of customers pick up a basket when they enter a store, the stats suggesting that we all prefer to test our juggling skills. Unfortunately, this means that 90% of customers are not reaching their maximum potential sales, limiting themselves to their physical attributes rather than using items provided to have a more comfortable. shopping experience.

However, store owners are fighting back and with these top tips, you can get your customers spending more in your store too.

Make your baskets obvious

Putting your baskets in obvious positions, where customers will definitely see them is a great starting point. Just after the store entrance, at the end of some isles and in zones where the store changes or you consider people might like to pick up a basket. The more people you have carrying a basket, the more sales you are likely to get. Having a few extra baskets for your store is also a good idea here too as not enough will limit sales as well.

Have them at strategic places

As we have mentioned above, strategic stacking of baskets at the end of zones is a good idea too. Dotting baskets at crucial points, such as near escalators or by changing rooms can really increase sales. The key thing here, however, is that these basket stacks need to be kept full and easy to reach as those who require them will already have their hands full.

Train your employees

Depending on the nature of your store and how many store assistants you have, you can make the customer experience better for them with a little help. If you see a customer struggling with items, go and get them a basket and provide it for them as a little thank you help. In most instances, the customer will be very grateful, and the likely impact will be that they will spend more in your store. A win-win situation for both parties.

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Get better baskets

Whilst you may not know it, your baskets might be the problem. If your baskets are metal, difficult to use and carry when heavy, it is probably putting the customer off from using them. This is a nightmare as not only will they never pick one up, they will not be spending their potential value either.

Investing in baskets that will aid the customer is vitally important and that is why there are many options available depending on the type of store you are. Baskets can be designed to fit nicely against the leg, have wheels and much more. Speak to one of our team today if you think your baskets might be holding your business back.

If you think that you are not making the most out of your store, the baskets or the potential value of your customers in your store, Joalpe is here to help. Our team can help you choose the right baskets for your store, help with store design to make sure they are seen and provide other instore items such as shelving and promo bins to maximise the likelihood of more sales in your retail outlet.

July 29, 2019|News|

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