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Top 10 customer service tips for your retail store

Nothing has customers angrily typing out a bad Facebook review or telling everyone they know to avoid your store quite like a bad retail experience. Whether you agree that the customer is always right, the customer service they receive is guaranteed to impact their overall experience and view of your retail store. Follow our top customer service tips to make sure customers leave happy.

One step further

If a customer wants something that they can’t find in your store, do everything you can to assist them. Even if you’re sure that there are no more of that particular item in their size, offering to check the stock room for them is an act they’re likely to remember.

Be available but don’t hover

Have you ever been in a shop where a sales assistant won’t leave you alone? It’s just as annoying for a customer when the assistance you need is nowhere to be seen. Strike a careful balance between hovering over customers and being available to help them.

Don’t avoid a customer

If you see a customer approaching, don’t turn away from them, even if the phone is ringing or you have another task to attend to. Smile, greet them and offer your help. If you really have to leave, make sure they know who else is around to help.

Be discreet

Embarrassing scenarios happen all the time in retail shops. From a declined credit card to a customer handing over the wrong amount, the best approach is always to stay polite and try not to draw attention to the situation.

Make customers aware of your policies

Having clear policies in place on what items can and can’t be returned saves everyone a lot of hassle, and you don’t want customers to associate your store with hassle. Make sure sales staff are fully aware of procedures like returns and exchanges and that they communicate this to the customer at the time of purchase.

Say “Thank you”

Any polite member of staff will naturally thank a customer as they make a purchase, but it’s important to show gratitude to everyone who visits your store, whether they buy from you or not. Showing appreciation for everyone is something customers will remember over a bad retail experience.


Customer interactions should start with a smile. If people are genuinely friendly and offer a smile, it instantly makes customers feel more comfortable and makes your retail store a welcoming environment for them to shop in.

Don’t make false promises

Promotions are great for increasing footfall and encouraging sales, but you need to be upfront about what you’re offering. Having ambiguous small print or multiple strings attached is only going to put customers off. Likewise, if you make a mistake in the wording or forget to mention an expiration date, do your best to honour it.

Encourage the right things

Hitting sales targets is important, but it’s equally important for the sales team to know how to deliver consistently good customer service and how to deal with angry customers. Consider rewarding staff for their attitude and how they respond in difficult situations as well.

Make customer service everyone’s job

No customer wants to be told, “That’s not my job,” when they ask for help. Make sure all staff are aware of how to deal with customers enquiries that are beyond their skillset or knowledge and that everyone is working together to achieve customer service goals.

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February 22, 2019|News|

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