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7 things you’ll need when you open your first retail store

Opening your first retail store can be a daunting process with so much to think about. Regardless of what you intend to sell, there are several things that every new shop will need. Read our guide to find seven things that you might have forgotten about.

Things you'll need when opening a retail store

Shelf management

Once you have shelving installed to display your products, you’re going to need shelf management to ensure your products are well merchandised and you displays look neat and tidy. Shelf management solutions include dividers to separate products, risers to stop products falling off a shelf and spring pushers to ensure products are continually pushed to the front.

Cash register and POS solution

Most retail stores will need both a cash register and card reader, but a point of sale solution is a good option for new stores with everything you need to allow you to process card payments.

Carrier bags

Paper or plastic, you’ll need some kind of bag to offer customers to complete their purchase.

Shopping baskets

Your customers will need a way of carrying their items around your store, plus there’s even research to suggest that using a shopping basket could make you healthier. There are various styles to choose from, as well as shopping basket stackers to keep them all in one place.

Promotional displays

If you want to draw attention to certain products or promotions, a promotional display such as a dump bin is ideal.

Scanning rail

Unless you want to price up products individually, you’ll need scanning rail to add to your shelving so you can display prices clearly and update easily.

Website and social media

If you’re just starting out in retail, you might not want to go down the online route with an e-commerce site but your digital presence can still have a positive impact on your store as more customers will be able to find you.

Joalpe supplies shopfitting equipment to the retail sector. With over 30 years of experience, we provide everything from shopping baskets to scanning rails. For further information about any of our equipment or ideas for displaying products, please get in touch with us on +44 01924 468940 .

Shopping baskets

January 30, 2019|News|

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